Sales Tip: Honor the warranty

Larry Moskalyk, an independent mobile distributor in Largo, FL, offers a lesson for distributors looking to obtain new customers.

Moskalyk brought a deep understanding of the importance of offering a fair price and honoring warranties. He was able to win customers from competitors who failed in these areas, especially warranties. Moskalyk noticed that some mobile distributors view warranties as a nuisance and treat them accordingly. He won customers by honoring warranties on tools that he did not sell.

In one case, he was able to get a tech's air ratchet fixed for free. The distributor who sold the tool wanted $100 for the repair. "If it had cost $20 to get fixed, it would have paid for itself and then some," Moskalyk notes.

"You do them a favor like that and they're going to be happy," he says. "Public relations is what it's all about."


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