Tool review: Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX 1/2" Air Impactool

Ingersoll Rand celebrates 10 years of Titanium with the limited-edition 2135TiMAX air impact wrench kit. The 2135TiMAX 1/2" air Impactool provides 1,100 ft/bs of nut-busting torque from a tool weighing less than 4 lbs. A feather-touch trigger, wider range of power regulator settings in forward, max power in reverse and patented one-hand forward/reverse control round out the list of this tool's hardworking features.  The limited-edition package includes a uniquely styled commemorative version of the 2135TiMAX Impactool, plus a flashlight and a decal (No. 2135Ti10YR).

The review

Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Trucks in Columbus, OH had his technicians test out the 2135TiMAX for a variety of different applications in the shop.

As soon as the tool hit the shop bays, all the techs wanted to try it out.

Moore notes, "One tech even made the comment “It’s like a little piece of a NASCAR pit crew in your hand.'"

Of the beneficial features noted by a number of techs, Moore says, "The 2135TiMAX is extremely popular in the shop.  The one-handed operation to be able to switch forward and reverse was talked about, as well as the progressive trigger, which allowed a variable speed/torque option when a full-on assault was not needed."

"The 2135TiMAX is also very light in comparison to some of the other impact tools we commonly use," says Moore. Adding that a lighter tool allowed the techs to use the impact without fatigue for a longer period of time. 

On usage, Moore advised he found the tool worked optimally "at line pressures 110 psi or greater."

"I noticed dramatically reduced performance at line pressures below 100 psi," says Moore. "My air lines at home are regulated for 90 psi, and I had to increase the line pressure to between 115 and 120 psi to achieve the results I had witnessed in the shop."

Of the jobs performed, the techs used the 2135TiMAX to change out lower control arms on a Toyota Forerunner, after two other impacts didn't complete the job. "All of the fasteners were rusted and seized.  The ball joints were spinning in the control arms."

"The IR2135TiMAX broke all the control arm fasteners loose with minimal effort. The IR2135TiMAX also spun the ball joint nuts loose, where the two other impact tools failed.  This test was without putting additional pressure on the ball joints to force the stud back into the control arm and lock it."

Moore also advised the tool worked very well to remove wheel nuts for light duty and medium duty vehicles. 

"I personally used the IR2135Ti for pressing out and pressing in new control arm bushings, and ball joints on a 1966 Mustang," says Moore. "It definitely had the torque to get it done quickly, and easily."

Moore didn't provide any improvements for the tool, but did have one item on his wishlist: a cover to protect against falls and drops. While the product still performed to the same degree as when the shop first received it, "It has taken some pretty hard knocks while we have been using it, and it now looks to be a well used tool in our arsenal, even though it is only several weeks old."

Overall, Moore and the techs at DeMary Trucks were very pleased with the tool. "The IR2135Ti was a really big hit here in our shop," says Moore. "If I had to guess the average, it would come out at something like a 9.9599."