Big-Time Boxes: Eric Olsen, Snap-on

In 1984, right out of high school, Eric Olsen began working an entry-level position as a “painter’s helper” at Scrappy’s Auto Service in Penndel, Pa. Even though he’s been in the industry for 30 years, it wasn’t until six years ago that he started to configure his current tool storage setup.

In Olsen’s 30 years at Scrappy’s, he has worked his way up through body shop repair and automotive repair to his current position. Scrappy’s added a truck shop and Olsen’s title is now master technician plus road service, towing and recovery, or “do-all,” as he puts it.

“I bought my first set of Snap-on wrenches in 1984 for less than $200,” says Olsen. “Now, some 30 years later, I imagine I’ve invested well over $150,000 in hand tools, air-powered tools, battery-operated tools and everything in between.”

With that amount of tools, Olsen found himself in need of a box to house them in. This do-all technician’s Snap-on Master Series box is 17’ long by 6’ high with LEDs set up to light the box, side lockers, riser, roll-cart, decals and mirror logo.

Olsen appreciates the ability to customize his box to his liking. “I utilize one of the side lockers as my personal space. It contains a 19” flat screen TV, refrigerator and microwave and another locker stores my battery charging system. I utilize the chrome top workspace with my laptop computer and printer for vehicle diagnostics. I also have various strips of green LEDs throughout, provided by Snap-on, and a green LED sign sits on top of my workstation.”

The bottom box is green mica, while the top box, side cabinets, puller cabinets and lockers are in ultra yellow — to match Scrappy’s shop colors. “Our tow-trucks are green and yellow, so everything matches. The colors also match the color scheme of the shop I work at.”

With all of this storage, Olsen stays basic with his favorite tool.

“My favorite tool, and don’t laugh too loud, is probably my pocket screwdriver. As simple as it sounds, it has saved me a lot of headaches over the years.”