Tool review: Matco Tools 1/2" Impact Wrench

Lou Fort, lead tech at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, says the Matco 1/2" Impact Wrench, No. MT2769, proves respectable in terms of torque, coming in at 1,300 ft/lbs of breakaway torque and between 50 and 850 ft/lbs of working torque. He also appreciates the ease of use and ability to switch from forward to reverse using the feather trigger.

"The feather trigger is a ‘true’ feather trigger, unlike some other guns I have used," says Fort. "The ability to switch from forward to reverse, with the same hand you’re holding the impact with, is handy."

This impact’s forward torque and lighter 4.6-lb weight proves to Fort that it is an extremely versatile tool. With a forward working torque of 50 ft/lbs, "This impact has a lower forward torque than most," he says. "With such a wide working torque range in a 1/2" gun, I can see it being used in place of a 3/8" on several different common jobs."

Because of the impact’s versatility, Fort found that he was able to use it on a range of tasks, from simple tire and brake service, to much more demanding tasks such as suspension repair, and engine and transmission jobs.

Even though it was versatile, one feature that Fort would like to see added, not only to this particular impact, but to all impacts of this style, is a longer handle for technicians with "XXL hands," he says. "The directional switches on the rear would rub and pinch my hand. This was not a problem for the other guys in our shop, though, just me."

The MT2769 comes with its picture and features cleanly displayed in a standard-looking box. The included manual has a full parts breakdown. The only question he has regarding the tool is about the statement, "Increased durability with reinforced clutch mechanism." As he didn’t see anything listed as a ‘clutch’ in the parts-breakdown, he wasn’t sure where that applies.

This is the first Matco impact gun that he has used in several years, and Fort was able to compare it to other impacts in his shop.

"There is only one other (impact) that can go toe-to-toe with it. That one impact does not have a one-handed directional switch like the Matco (tool)," says Fort. He also advises the MT2769 works faster than most impacts in his shop.

Overall, due to the tool’s low weight, high power and versatility, Fort rates the MT2769 at a perfect 10.

Product Description:

Matco Tools’ 1/2" Impact Wrench, No. MT2769, offers a breakaway torque of 1,300 ft/lbs. An easy-change muffler design allows for effortless servicing and sound level adjustment. A one-hand forward/reverse push-button design, reinforced clutch mechanism, rear housing power adjustment and a tip-valve, variable-speed throttle provide techs with power and speed. Textured housing provides an ergonomic grip, which promotes comfort and durability, resulting in less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul.