Ask the Expert: How do you increase tire sales to your existing customers?

Q: How do you increase tire sales to your existing customers?

A: There is no “trick” to tire sales: simply be the first one to tell a customer they need tires and you’ll sell tires. In fact, a stunning 78 percent of all replacement tires are sold by the first car care professional that informs the customer of the need. The only trick is learning to set your business up to be able to deliver that message. And that requires instituting and sticking with a Tire Inflation Maintenance Program. In other words train and encourage your customers to return to your shop for routine tire pressure calibrations and maintenance and reward them for doing so. Become the car care professionals that have the opportunity to inform your customers when they need tires…or tire related services…and you’ll get those sales.

NitroFill combines the uniqueness of nitrogen gas … which alone increases the chances of return customer traffic as it isn’t available at home, any gas station or any other place more convenient than your service drive … with an extraordinarily effective Tire Inflation Maintenance Reminder system and an array of valuable member benefits to keep your customers engaged and returning to you.

Remember, Tire Inflation Maintenance is the only service every vehicle requires every month, as documented in every owner’s manual of every vehicle sold in this country. It provides a rare and valuable opportunity to communicate with your customers every month for a service they actually need and want.

While the average consumer visits their car care professional 1.2 times annually, the average NitroFill member returns to their NitroFill dealer 4.5 times each year … with the expectation that you will examine their tires. You can’t help but to sell more tires.

To learn more about the NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program and how it can help you increase your customer traffic by 400 percent, please view our short introductory video on the home page of   

Information provided by: Dan Brancaccio, NitroFill, LLC