Tool review: AGS Co. Kledge-Lok Repair System

Eric Zager, co-owner of Apple-Mill Auto Repair in Muskegon, MI, says that the AGS Kledge-Lok Repair System’s simple, easy-to-use and unique design makes for a great tool.

Zager primarily uses the tool for A/C line repairs, but he also uses it on scrap power steering lines and transmission cooler lines that he has around the shop. "I wanted to try and see how it worked on steel lines as opposed to the aluminum lines for the air conditioning. As far as being leak-tested, the only thing that I’ve used it on with pressure is the A/C lines," he says.

While working on rear A/C lines for a Ford Windstar, Zager realized that this tool could be an "amazing" time-saver for his shop.

“It was one of the first vehicles that I used it on. It had a couple of holes worn in it from the clamps. We went in and just put in a new sectional line instead of replacing the whole rear lines,” Zager says.

"This was the first time that I had used the tool and it took me maybe 10 minutes," he says. "Where if you were to replace the whole rear line set it, you would have a couple of hours to put into it. It’s a huge time-saver for the shop and a huge money-saver for the customer."

The base kit of the Kledge-Lok Repair System comes equipped with jaw adapters that can be used on lines from 5/16" to 3/4".

This technician was hard-pressed to find something he didn’t like about this tool, even though originally, Zager was apprehensive about whether or not this tool would perform under pressure.

"Before I used it, I thought, ‘I don’t know how this is going to seal these lines up,’" says Zager. "I’ve got a couple of them on my truck and on two other customer cars, on the A/C lines. They’ve worked absolutely beautifully. They’ve held the pressure and the Freon in there with no leaks, no problems. My concerns that I had have been answered because I’ve had no issues."

On a scale of one to 10, this reviewer rates the Kledge-Lok Repair System at 10 because of the easy setup and time savings.

"With the different adapters and things that are available for fixing power steering lines, transmission cooler lines, oil cooler lines, A/C lines, it’s something I could see using a couple of times a week. It could potentially save you a ton of time and it could save the customer money, which usually makes them quite happy. I think it’s a really good tool. I’ve been really happy with it so far."

Product Description:

The AGS Co. Kledge-Lok Repair System makes air conditioning leak repair easy by eliminating the need to wait for expensive OE replacement parts. It requires no welding or soldering and saves time by allowing most repairs right on the vehicle. The Kledge-Lok provides universal repair of air-conditioning tube and hose connections in all makes and models of vehicles. All Kledge-Lok unions use the company's aluminum alloy, making them corrosion-proof for a true permanent repair. The unique design and strict tolerances of each union assures that each repair is pressure-rated and tested to 1,800 psi, exceeding all requirements for air conditioning systems.