In Focus: Dent Fix AluSpot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station

The Dent Fix Equipment Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX, allows shops to start working on highly profitable aluminum repairs. The five steps for aluminum repair are covered by the tools included in this set: expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent.Unique features to this fully equipped tool system include a ground located at the weld point and complete tool isolation to ensure protection against outside contaminants. The Aluspot includes a five-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

Selling points

  • Not many shops are set up properly to accept aluminum repair work despite the increasing demand. Automotive Service Association Chairman Darrell Amberson estimated less than 10 percent of the independent repair shops in the U.S. meet certifications and equipment requirements necessary to work on aluminum vehicles. The Aluspot can instantly get a shop into the aluminum repair business, where repair rates can be up to three times higher than steel.
  • From repair to proper storage, the DF-900DX is the most complete aluminum repair station on the market, according to the company.
  • The Dent Fix DF-900DX Aluspot is approved by Ford to repair the vehicle manufacturer’s 2015 aluminum-bodied F-150.
  • Many other vehicles already use aluminum or are switching to the lightweight material. Some vehicles include the Audi A8/R8; Tesla Model S; 2015 Mercedes C-Class; future Ford F-250 and 350, and Expedition.

Features and benefits

This system works very similar to that of a steel stud welder. It includes everything needed to address the five basic steps of working with aluminum: expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent.

Cross contamination of two unlike metals, like aluminum and steel, can cause galvanic corrosion, thus ruining the finish of the repaired panel. Isolating the tools for aluminum use only is controlled by the locking cabinet, three locking drawers and the dust cover. The drawers have die cut foam to keep the tools organized and accounted for.


This unit attaches pull studs to assist in repairing dents and creases in aluminum panels.

The idea behind the service is similar to working with steel, but the difference is that aluminum behaves differently and has different characteristics, thus requiring a slightly different approach and process.

After the paint and other surface coatings are removed and the panel is heated to a specific temperature, a capacitor discharge welder is utilized to weld pins to the raw panel. These pins are then pulled using a series of attachments designated for that specific type of pull. It does not weld aluminum cracks together. That is a different process altogether, the company notes.


Dent Fix Equipment stays current with manufacturing processes to ensure expertise on repairing the new materials before they become adopted as regular processes.

In 2005, the company noticed some vehicle manufacturers experimenting with boron steels and aluminum. The company immediately started putting together prototypes to come up with a solution.

For the last decade, Dent Fix has been working with aluminum and ultra-high strength steels. In that time, it has developed the tools needed to get the job done efficiently.

Manufacturing specs

The completed unit is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a five-year warranty.

Each station includes the following: a capacitor discharge welder utilizing a self-contained, weld gun with ground; Alu-Magnesium stud pins; hand T-puller; squeeze puller; lever puller; bridge puller; body file + 350mm blade; infrared temperature gauge; digital set temperature heat gun; pick/finishing hammer; curved pein/finishing hammer; 22mm soft face hammer; reverse-curve hammer; 35mm dead blow hammer; bolster-head nylon chisel; round-head nylon chisel; double-end nylon dolly; utility dolly; double-end dolly; thin-toe dolly; heel dolly; curved dolly; inline paint remover; stainless-steel shoe handle brush; stainless-steel tooth brush and dust cover.

Storage and display

The item is either sent via truck freight or shipped in individual boxes. Assembly is easy and handled by the purchaser. If displayed on a truck, it is displayed like any other toolbox. The wheels, doors and cabinet should be locked during transportation in a truck. The scissor top cabinet can be opened easily to display the welder. A DVD is available to play during demonstrations.

Seeing the AluSpot in person helps to drive home the quality and completeness of this unit. It shows the customer that aluminum tools are not that different than the steel tools they probably already own.

Aluminum repair is possible and now necessary. Body shops need to prepare themselves or risk losing market share.

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