Tech Tip: Do you regularly inspect high-voltage gloves for use with hybrid vehicles?

If you’ve been working on hybrid vehicles for a while you most likely have a pair of high-voltage gloves that you utilize when working on the high voltage system.  If you haven’t been, you should be using Class “0” gloves that are rated at 1000V. 

Did you know those gloves need to be inspected before every use and sent out for testing every six months?  As the New Year begins it would be a great time to check the dates on your gloves and send them in for testing if it’s been six months or longer since the last test. 

(Watch a short video on tips for inspecting high-voltage gloves.)

If your gloves need to be sent out for testing we’ve used the following companies with good success:

  • Skarshaug Testing Laboratory, Inc
  • Hi-Line Utility Supply Co

You may also want to consider purchasing another set of gloves if you currently only have one.  That will ensure you always have one on hand even when one set is sent out for the required testing.

Information provided by: Jeff Minter, Automotive Research & Design (AR&D)