Tool Review: Phoenix Systems MaxPro Secret Weapon

The Phoenix Systems MaxPro Secret Weapon is a premium, one-person brake and clutch bleeding system constructed of heavy-duty steel and die-cast aluminum. The MaxPro Secret Weapon features patented reverse brake bleeding technology. Using the simple law of physics, that air rises in fluid, one person can bleed brake and clutch systems in minutes or any system that is difficult to bleed—even ABS systems. This kit include the MaxPro Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeder; BrakeFree, to help remove rusted bleeder screws in seconds and 100 patented BrakeStrip strips to for brake fluid testing.


Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Truck in Columbus, OH, found the MaxPro Secret Weapon reverse brake and clutch bleeder to be a versatile and invaluable addition to his shop.

“The Phoenix reverse brake and clutch bleeder comes in a blow-molded case. The package came with several accessories for either pressure or vacuum bleeding, and use as a vacuum pump,” he says.

“We liked the ability to use one tool as vacuum and pressure,” says Moore. Adding, it was “easy to convert from one to the other.”

To assist with setup, a manual and instructional DVD were both included, but Moore found some portions of the DVD to be somewhat complicated. He says, “After we reviewed them a few times, they made more sense.”

Once the DVD was reviewed, Moore describes the setup as a simple process. Once a technician has decided which task they would use the tool for, they only have to attach the correct adapters. However, he did find that, “some of the accessories were a little hard to maneuver, and awkward at times. We actually fabricated a few of our own adapters for easier use on the applications we see regularly.”

“We used the tool on several Mitsubishi Fuso truck brake systems to bleed the rear systems, also UD Trucks for bleeding the hydraulic portion of the brake systems,” says Moore. 

“We were able to use the tool in a reverse bleed on a Bering truck for the clutch system, since we were installing a master cylinder and slave cylinder. The reverse bleeder made for short work of removing air from the clutch system which, according to the instruction for the part, is ‘self bleeding’ by pumping the pedal 100 times.”

Moore has used a previous version of this tool and being familiar with it, he was able to appreciate the new feature of the MaxPro Secret Weapon: the one-way valve.

“I personally have a Phoenix Maxi-Ject Pro at home, so I was familiar with the tool and the process. The new feature is the ability to siphon directly from a bottle and pressure bleed the system, without having to pump continuously,” He says. “The one-way valve keeps the fluid from back-flowing, and also primes for the next power stroke.”

Moore describes the MaxPro Secret weapon as a time-saver due to its simplicity. The only improvement Moore suggested was updates to the ease-of-use for some of the accessories.  

“The simplicity with which it was able to supply pressure or vacuum with a simple switch was a huge time savings, not to mention that now one technician can do the work it usually takes two to complete,” says Moore.