Ask the Expert: With different state requirements, how can maintenance personnel determine proper additives to use?

Q:  Don’t different states have different requirements for diesel fuel composition? How can drivers and maintenance personnel determine the proper additive to use when standards vary so much? And how can they determine how much to use?

A: The state-by-state disparity in standards is primarily related to biodiesel content. Often, drivers will carry a bottle of Penray Winter Pow-R Plus for Biodiesel as insurance against the propensity for biodiesel blends to gel more easily than standard diesel. If they stop for fuel where biodiesel blending is mandated, or even suspected, our product will keep them on the road.

As for determining how much product to use, Penray uses highly-concentrated, active ingredients with a high tolerance for overdosing. All the driver has to know is "one bottle/one truck." This affords proper anti-gel protection, as well as other fuel enhancements, without the need for calculations or guesswork.

Information provided by: Joe Long, The Penray Companies