Ask the Expert: With ultra-low sulfur diesel, what factors should techs and fleet maintenance personnel be aware of?

Q:  With regard to diesel fuel blends: we’ve got Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), 5 percent bio (B5), 10 percent bio (B10). What factors should technicians and fleet maintenance personnel be aware of?

A:  Certainly with winter fast approaching, and cold weather already apparent in many locales, fuel gelling is a major concern. Drivers and maintenance people alike have to be diligent about the use of anti-gel additives with every fuel fill. But carefully-blended diesel fuel additives can also improve cetane, provide better lubricity, stabilize the chemistry of the fuel, and serve as a wax dispersant.

The Penray Winter Pow-R Performance product does all of these things, leading to improved fuel economy, which is so critical in fleet applications. But additives like this also provide better protection for internal engine parts, enhancing engine life and ultimately reducing overall operating costs while minimizing down time.

Information provided by: Joe Long, The Penray Companies