Sales tip: Create excitement with displays

One lesson Kevin Vernon took to heart managing retail stores is the need to change displays and create excitement. He re-merchandises his truck every two weeks to highlight Matco Tools’ latest specials. “The constant shuffle keeps a fresh look and some excitement,” he says. “Who wants to see the same old stuff? You (the customer) have got to have a reason to want to come out.”

He passes out Matco Tools flyers every month. He also shows pictures of tools on his smartphone.

Three wood panel shelves in the middle of the truck above a hammer board hold pneumatic tools.

He has a box for used tools, which sell at discount.

The DVD player in the truck continuously plays DVDs about tools that are sent by Matco Tools every three months, in addition to DVDs from manufacturers. Vernon is particularly fond of Matco Tools’ DVD demonstrating a toolbox drop test.

One shelf in the truck has a can for donations to the American Cancer Society. This past May, proceeds from all cash sales of energy drinks went to this organization. Vernon also gave a free energy drink for every $3 donation.

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