Sales tip: Service after the sale

Matco Tools distributor Kevin Vernon learned that technicians put a high premium on service after the sale. He also learned that despite a hesitancy to buy from a new truck, technicians are prone to support independent businesses.

He was quick to grasp the importance of maintaining a route schedule. He makes it a point to visit each stop not only on the same day of the week, but the same hour of the day. If he can’t stick to his schedule, he calls ahead and lets them know. If he can’t come, he asks if there is anything he can ship via courier.

Vernon says the biggest complaint he hears about competitors is not visiting on schedule.

He was pleasantly surprised by how willing many customers were to teach him about the tools. “These guys would go as far as to sit down at my counter and draw a picture,” he says.

He was also surprised by how much money the technicians spend on tools.

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