Tool Review: SK Hand Tool Wide Capacity Tongue and Groove Pliers

James Jackson, a technician at DeMary Truck in Columbus, OH, says the SK Wide Capacity Tongue and Groove Pliers served him well at the medium duty shop he works in.

As easy as any other set of pliers Jackson has used or owned, he appreciates the large opening capacity of these pliers, as well as the grooved teeth on the jaws.

"I used this tool for several functions. I was able to use the pliers for oil filter removal, holding and adjusting exhaust pipes for proper alignment while tightening, compressing caliper pistons on the brake system, and for holding the drive gear on a pump which is being disassembled."

Jackson did suggest one improvement for the tool: "I feel that the handles could be just slightly longer for more leverage and gripping capacity," says Jackson. He cites a specific example where it would have come in handy: "On one particularly stubborn oil filter, it seemed that I couldn’t get enough leverage, and had to reposition the tool several times once I got the filter to break loose incrementally. Longer handles may have given me the additional leverage to break the filter loose in one turn."

Overall, Jackson rates the tool 9-1/2 out of 10. Being a straight-forward hand tool, he suggests future updates that would include a curved jaw teeth option (in addition to the straight jaw on this model). He also thinks a larger jaw opening might help out in some repair situations.