A simple way to win points from customers and communities

Changing the way you change motor oil could win points from customers and communities.

Many fleets would like to extend their oil drain intervals. Doing so would save time and money. Plus, changing oil less often is also better for the environment.

The best approach is to conduct an oil analysis to determine the optimal oil change interval for your particular fleet.

Re-refined engine oil is up to the task of extending oil change intervals as well.

To illustrate, a fleet wanted to extend its oil change interval with EcoPower re-refined heavy duty diesel engine oil. It was extreme service, with trucks subjected to stop-and-go operation in cities with a great deal of idle time.

An oil analysis was conducted first. The analysis showed how far the drain interval could be extended while protecting the engines and the environment. As a result, this customer was able to increase the oil interval by 50 percent and helped the organization meet greenhouse gas emission reduction goals that were important to its customers and others – all without compromising engine protection.

The Right Thing to Do

These days, customers and communities are demanding that companies pursue sustainability. For supply chains and fleets, there’s a real opportunity to be a valued partner by changing processes to more sustainable options.

For fleet maintenance, that opportunity is as simple as changing the way you change oil.

Curt Knapp is executive vice president, marketing and oil re-refining sales, for Safety-Kleen, the largest collector, recycler and re-refiner of used oil in the world (www.safety-kleen.com). Safety-Kleen’s EcoPower re-refined engine oil uses up to 85 percent less energy to produce than oil made from virgin crude, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and meets or exceeds the toughest industry standards for engine performance and protection (www.ecopoweroil.com).

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