Tool review: SK Hand Tool 11" Extra Long Reach Slip Joint Pliers

The unique joint design of the the SK Hand Tool SK 17811 11" Extra Long Reach Slip Joint Pliers keeps the neck area from spreading while grasping objects and grasping in hard-to-reach areas. This tool provides three distinct working surfaces and two-position jaw opening for stronger gripping and multiple applications. The jaw geometry in open position allows user to grip small objects in a positive gripping motion. A smooth cushion grip is oven-curved for positive hold and easy clean-up. A flush rivet design for access in tight work spaces. Patented design.

The Review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN even though he owns on a shop still works on the cars everyday. So, Fort is no stranger to needing to use pliers. But, when he was sent a pair of SK Extra Long Reach Slip Joint Pliers, he was interested to see what they would be like versus the standard pliers he already used.

"I found having the 'Slip Joint' in an extra long reach needle nose pliers to be much more handy than I had thought," reports Fort. "The 'Flush Rivet' design used in the 'Slip Joint' keeps the SK 17811s much more useful in tight and hard to access places as does it's main feature, the 'Slip Joint.'

"Basically the 'slip joint' gives the needle nose a more positive grip on its target at a depth other pliers can't reach."

To put the pliers to the test, Fort used them to remove inner tie rod boot spring clamps on one job and disconnecting some Ford O2 sensor connectors.

"When replacing the front wheel bearings on a late model Corolla, the 17811s did a fantastic job removing the bearings snap ring retainer," he comments. "Perhaps the best grip I have ever had doing this particular job."

The improved grip is provided by the pliers' three distinct gripping surfaces, all sized for different tasks. They "give bite where others only bark," according to Fort.

Furthermore, the feature that stood out to him was the "slip joint" itself. "Having used double jointed and the like, the 'Slip Joint' is unique in tackling such a task in a much less complicated manner," explains Fort.

When asked if there is anything he would improve on the tool, he commented that he wanted the grip on the handle made more comfortable and wanted to see the metallurgy even stronger, as in extreme situations he was observing "flexing of the jaws when under strain."

Nonetheless, he rated the pliers a 9 out of 10. Fort found that they offered "time savings for me over my other long reach needle nose pliers, such as working with hard to access small diameter pinch to open hose clamps for example.

"Knowing that they are still made in the USA doesn't hurt," Fort added.