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In Focus: NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program

The NitroFill "Tire Inflation Maintenance Program" is a combination of two products, a NitroFill Nitrogen Generation and Conversion Station and NitroFill "Cap Kits," that when paired together provide incredible benefits to your customers, their customers and your business.

As the world leader in nitrogen generation since 1966, NitroFill manufactures an extensive line of  nitrogen generation and tire inflation options, but designed their E-160 and E-170 Conversion Stations to be the fastest, yet most economical nitrogen generation and inflation solutions on the market and the perfect systems to use in conjunction with the company's Tire Inflation Maintenance Program.

NitroFill "Cap Kits" combine attractive aluminum, NitroFill logoed valve caps and windshield clings with a NitroFill Auto Club Registration Card. Each Cap Kit also includes a membership in the NitroFill Auto Club. NitroFill's most popular Cap Kit (No. NTM-25), includes a one-year membership that provides end users with $200 of Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage, Unlimited use of prepaid, Roadside Assistance and numerous other typical "auto club" benefits. Each Cap Kit also includes a comprehensive Customer Management and Retention program that automatically sends monthly "Inflation Remainders" and other correspondences to every enrolled customer via text message, Facebook and e-mail.

(View a short video further describing the NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program.

Selling points

  • Enables your customers to sell NitroFill conversions, providing their customers with better fuel economy, longer tire life and enhanced safety, as well as a membership in the NitroFill Auto Club.  
  • High-gross, high-profit service performed in about two minutes of actual labor time.
  • Increases your customers' customer traffic. While the average consumer visits their car care professional about 1-2 times each year, the average NitroFill customer visits their NitroFill dealer 4-5 times annually (almost FOUR times more often).
  • The NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program follows the classic "Razor/Razor Blade" business model, enabling you to earn a profit every time a NitroFill conversion is performed. You'll sell, lease or loan a customer an E-160 or E-170 Conversion Station and sell them Cap Kits to utilize with each NitroFill service they perform.
  • NitroFill distributors enjoy extensive support.  From in-field sales assistance and training to daily customer guidance and sales webinars. You'll never sell a product that is more vigorously or enthusiastically supported.

Features and benefits

The NitroFill E-170 is the most popular nitrogen generation and conversion system on the market, according to the company, with more systems in use today than most of our competitors combined. 

The E-170 produces 13.5 CFM of high-purity nitrogen gas and converts up to six tires to NitroFill, simultaneously, in as little as 6-8 minutes, and with only two minutes of actual hands-on time. Its high-output, compact design and complete portability make the NitroFill E-170 the ideal nitrogen solution for virtually any automotive service facility servicing any number of cars and light trucks, as well as limited fleet, OTR and tractor trailer tires.  

(Watch a live video demonstration of the E-170.)

The E-160 looks and operates just like the E-170, but provides a more modest 6 CFM output.  The NitroFill E-160 is the perfect unit for any facility servicing any number of cars and smaller pick-ups and SUVs. It converts up to four tires to NitroFill simultaneously at the touch of the button and, like the E-170, provides instant and uninterrupted flow with guaranteed purity up to 99.9 percent.

NitroFill "Cap Kits" are the heart of the NitroFill "Tire Inflation Maintenance Program," designed to help your customers leverage the only service every vehicle requires every month into service drive traffic. NitroFill offers several different Cap Kits all with varying customer benefits. 


All new and used vehicles, and new and used tires, are candidates for a NitroFill conversion. Both new and used tires benefit from nitrogen inflation and all new and used tires, down to 3/32," are covered by the NitroFill Auto Club.

Every new car dealer, tire store, general repair shop or any other business that services automobiles should consider instituting the NitroFill Tire Inflation Maintenance Program.  

Storage and display

  • Systems arrive fully assembled, tested and ready for use. Nothing to assemble or adjust.
  • Drop shipping available for your convenience.

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