Wash away troubles


Besides keeping a vehicle looking good, regular washings help protect its finish and keep it in good condition. A clean vehicle is also easier to perform maintenance and service on. Plus, maintaining clean vehicles enhances a company’s public image.

Washing the truck body exterior as needed - using a soft cloth or brush, warm water and a mild detergent - helps remove road salt spray and normal road films, say officials with Morgan Corporation http://www.morgancorp.com , a manufacturer of dry freight and refrigerated truck bodies.

Strong caustic soaps and solutions should be avoided as they will cause premature color fade and panel surface deterioration, officials with Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies www.johnsontruckbodies.com , a manufacturer of temperature-controlled composite truck bodies and specialty trailers and all-electric refrigeration systems, add.

It is okay to use a hot water pressure washer system for cleaning, they note, however, the water pressure should not be extreme as this can cause premature deterioration of exterior finish. Mild to moderate amounts of pressure is sufficient to apply soap and remove surface dirt.

When painted surfaces become damaged, the Morgan officials advise taking prompt corrective action to stop potential rusting by restoring the exterior surface to its original painted condition.