Tool review: Kafko Oil Eater sample pack kit

Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Truck in Columbus, OH had his shop test out the Kafko Oil Eater products, including the Oil Eater degreaser, orange cleaner, absorbent matting, Rain Away, and Anti-Fog.

Moore advised the products were straightforward and easy to use. Two products, the Rain Away and Anti-Fog, required some additional setup. "Both products had specific instructions, on how to wash and prepare the glass for application for best results."

We tried all of the products in several situations," said Moore. Of all the products tested out, he and his technicians found the shop liked the Orange Cleaner and Degreaser best.

"The Orange Cleaner really worked well, especially for our reconditioning department," said Moore. "They loved the way it worked on the interior trim as well as the upholstery in the vehicles they used it on, plus it had no harsh chemical smell."

Moore advised the Orange Cleaner "smelled great" and "cleaned the interior pieces, and upholstery very well, without any fading."

The Oil Eater degreaser worked best with a power washer, according to Moore. "The degreaser did work pretty well at full strength,” said Moore. "But, when reduced it took several applications to really do the job."

Moore also noted that the techs tried out the absorbent matting, and it worked well.

"The absorbent matting worked great in situations where we could use it for smaller leak situations," said Moore.

He advised that there were some times when much larger spills would occur. "Unfortunately some of our 'oops...' moments reflect the Exxon Valdez, and no amount of matting could help those situations,” Moore said, jokingly. He said the shop might look into some of Kafko's Oil Boom's for situations when these much larger spills occur.

"I found (the absorbent mats) were perfect for use in the garage under the car that is always parked in the same spot and drips all the time."

As for the two products that required additional prep, Moore advised both the Rain Away and the Anti-Fog worked as stated.

"The Rain Away product did function as designed, but we felt it did take a bit of preparation to install, and even after following instructions, it did not last long in heavy rains.

The Anti-Fog product also worked well, but required surface preparation before application.  Several drivers reported that even though it kept the window from fogging, it sometimes would have swirl marks from application, which didn’t seem to vanish even after "polishing" the glass after application."

Overall, for all products tested out, Moore and his shop gave the full kit a seven out of 10.