Tool review: Knipex Tools X-Cut Compact Diagonal Cutter

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN tested out the X-Cut Compact Diagonal Cutter. Fort has used many different Knipex products in the past, and has found all of them straightforward and easy to use. The X-Cut was no exception.

“I have lots of Knipex pliers but none like this pair. Most of my cutters are of the high leverage family of Knipex cutters. I do like the handles better on the X-Cut over the handles on any of my other cutters, or pliers for that matter,” says Fort. “I have owned several other brands of cutters and feel the Knipex brand pliers are the best.”

Fort made a point to mention how he liked the ergonomic grip. He was able to feel the proper grip even without looking, while reaching around inside a frame pocket to cut a safety tie flush.

“There are also raised portions on the grips close to the head that lend a sense of safety by letting me know I was holding them correctly even when I couldn’t see them.”

“I don’t know how they do it, but it never seems to take as much force to do a job with a Knipex tool as it does with competitors.”

Fort used the pliers for a number of different jobs, including “To trim cotter keys, welding/brazing rods, mechanics wire and coat hangers off broken exhaust hangers.” He explained, “Flush cutting small diameter roll pins was a breeze, as was cutting 10-gauge wire and wire ties.”

“My X-Cut has just begun years of nipping things off, assuming I don’t misplace them.”

Fort advises there are no other qualities or features that he would improve on this tool. Overall, he gave the Knipex X-Cut cutting pliers a 10.

“Not surprisingly, Knipex has added yet another quality tool to their extensive line of quality tools,” says Fort. “Knipex makes tools that will last for generations not years.”


Product Description

The Knipex X-Cut Compact Diagonal Cutter, No. 73 02 160, provides users high-cutting capacity with very little effort thanks to the optimum coordination of a cutting edge angle and high lever ratio. The innovative box joint design provides high stability while staying lightweight. A double-supported joint axis allows for heavy duty cutting of thicker cables, while still allowing precise cuts through fine copper wires. This tool features a forged-chrome vanadium, oil-hardened steel construction.