Nine ideas for recruiting technicians

Clearly, with fewer people entering the workforce and an increasingly competitive market, vehicle maintenance and repair organizations need to devote greater time, energy and knowledge on developing effective technician recruiting strategies and processes. Here are some ideas for recruiting technicians:

1. Use classified advertisements in newspapers, circulars and trade publications.

2. Place an outside sign that attracts a "crafts person" or "handy person," rather than saying a "vehicle technician."

3. Advertise job positions on the Internet and radio.

4. Sponsor an automotive related radio/TV talk show.

5. Visit with personnel that retire or leave military service and want a new career.

6. Get involved with a high or technical school. Offer assistance to counselors and shop teachers, and participate in career day activities. Invite in shop classes to visit and donate older vehicles to the schools.

7. Develop an internship program for high school students to work part-time with experienced technicians.

8. Encourage local high schools and vocational schools to add vehicle maintenance and repair as an elective shop course or vocational development program, and help establish a degree program.

9. Offer financial incentives such as signing bonuses, benefit packages, tuition assistance, voluntary overtime opportunities, promotions tied to competency instead of seniority, tool reimbursements and cash incentives for industry training and certifications.