Future RPs that are in the works

The goal of the TMC's Service Provider Study Group is to promote activities that improve vehicle maintenance and repair and business practices between equipment users, OEM service dealers and independent service providers. Among the topics currently being considered by the Group's task forces for TMC Recommended Practices (RPs) are:

  • Recommended Standard Repair Times. Chaired by Tommy Davis, AMBEST. Focus: fair industry standard repair times.
  • Quality Control. Chaired by Greg Frary, TravelCenters of America. Focus: development of metrics as they relate to measuring repair quality and conformance of service providers .
  • Parts Acquisition for Service Providers. Chaired by Jerry Anderson, Daimler Trucks North America. Focus: parts acquisition best practices for service provider operations, especially as it pertains to minimizing downtime for fleet customers.
  • Emissions Tampering. Chaired by Peter Savage, Clarke Power Systems. Focus: Creation of a guide for fleet and service providers to describe what constitutes emissions tampering under federal law as it applies to medium and heavy trucks. It will cover how to avoid unintentional tampering when operating, servicing, repairing or rebuilding trucks or tractors.
  • Technician Career Path Development. Chaired by Brian Mulshine, Navistar. Focus: Develop a recommended practice for preparing and evaluating a career development plan for service technicians.