Tech Tip: Keep your compressed air system up and running

Compressed air is vital to automotive service shops, but maintenance for it is often overlooked until it's too late. By regularly checking key maintenance items, you extend equipment life and reduce downtime.

  1. Make sure the area where the compressor is installed is well-ventilated. Maintaining the right operating temperature will lengthen both motor and pump life, and provide you with better air quality.
  2. Remove bulk liquids from airlines and tools. Tank mounted compressors should have a drain on the tank. Check this daily for moisture build-up and drain as necessary, especially in warmer months. Better still, install an automatic drain trap to keep moisture at bay.
  3. Check the belt tension weekly. If the belt is too loose, you won't get efficient power transfer to the motor. Too tight, and it will wear out bearings. Some compressors have simple automatic belt tensioning devices you can easily adjust. If you don't schedule routine belt changes, keep a spare on hand to minimize the downtime if it breaks. 
  4. Check the oil level weekly through the sight glass. Piston compressors may need to get topped off more frequently as the pistons, cylinders, rings and valves wear. 

Information provided by: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.