Tech Tip: Choose OE parts to maintain your lift's certification

Shop owners who want to ensure that they are buying vehicle lifts that reach the highest levels of safety and performance choose lifts that have been third-party certified to comply with ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 standards. But what many shop owners don't realize is that installing aftermarket replacement parts on a vehicle lift can invalidate the lift's certification and create risk management issues.

Rotary Lift recommends using only original equipment (OE) replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function on any brand of vehicle lift.

OE parts were designed and built specifically for a particular lift. Aftermarket parts are reverse-engineered to fit. If they aren't made of the same materials as the originals, they may not last as long, resulting in increased downtime. The tolerances of the parts may also be different from the originals. This can have a serious effect on lift performance and reliability over time. Plus, because they are built by outside companies, aftermarket parts will not always reflect the latest design improvements made by the lift manufacturer.

Information provided by: Rotary Lift