Tech Tip: Expand service offerings with a mobile column lift

Many shops that traditionally have focused on servicing cars and light duty pickup trucks are looking to expand into offering repair and maintenance for medium duty work trucks. Mobile column lifts like Rotary Lift's Mach family of battery-operated lifts make it easy to add this capability without a high upfront investment or commitment.

As their name indicates, mobile column lifts are portable and can be used when and where they're needed. With mobile column lifts, you don't even need to dedicate a bay full-time to their use — just store them when not needed. Mobile columns are available in a range of lifting capacities. A set of just two Rotary Lift 13,000-lb capacity Mach-series mobile columns fitted with fore and aft adapters can lift a standard pickup truck. Add two more for a total lifting capacity of 52,000 lbs, and you can pick up most vehicles on the road, from Class 8 trucks down to passenger cars.

With mobile column lifts, you can turn a flat bay into a full service bay in just a few minutes.

Information provided by: Rotary Lift