Tech Tip: Consider battery-powered lifts for the shop

DC power has been a proven performer in popular heavy-duty mobile column lifts for years, but only recently has it taken hold in light duty lifts such as Rotary Lift's Shockwave-equipped two-post surface and SmartLift inground lifts.

Battery power offers several advantages over traditional lifts. First on the list is the ability to continue working during a power outage. Thanks to batteries and a built-in charging system, a lift running on DC power can be raised or lowered even when the power goes out. That means your customers' cars won't ever be stranded up on the lift.

The lifts also save shops money. Since the built-in battery charger operates on 110V current, there's no need to run expensive 220V wiring to the lifts in new construction, resulting in considerable upfront installation cost savings, as well as reduced electricity usage for the life of the lift.

Shockwave-equipped lifts are also fast. Thanks to DC power and other technical innovations, they can raise and lower vehicles twice as fast as standard lifts, enabling technicians to make more money because they can complete more jobs a day.

Information provided by: Rotary Lift