Sales tip: Who are you?

August 18, 2013 will mark the 35th anniversary of the Who releasing the album "Who Are You" with the title track of the same name.  Yes, 35 years!  So why is this of interest to you?  Here's why ... who are you?

Ask a group of mobile jobbers what they do for a living and you will hear statements like:

"I run a territory for Cxyz."

"I own a franchise for automobile supplies from Mxyz."

"I have a tool route with M2xyz."

"I drive a tool truck for Sxyz."

And then every now and then you will get the definitive answer: I am a tool salesman!

All the first answers are correct, in a weak sort of way, and may very well set your thought pattern for your success or lack of success.

The reason you get up early each day, work hard, work long, risk you capital is to SELL tools and equipment.

Customer service, handling warranties, handling repairs, collecting money, stocking your mobile store are all important, but should be a subset to your focused thoughts of selling more stuff.

When you perform a warranty replacement of an item, do you show the customer something else they should buy at the same time? You just did them a good deed... maybe they will do a good deed for you.

You have a customer that you trust, and for some legitimate reason, he needs a one-week payment skip.  He is now beholden to you so ask him to buy something else.

You're reloading your mobile store.  Do you merchandise your display so it attracts buyers and highlights what's new or simply load the shelves and hope it sells?

Remember why you really get up early each morning: You are a tool salesman.  Franchisee sounds nice but simply means you have your family's money on the line. Tool Salesman is what you do.

So "Whoooo Are YOU?" (Who Who, Who Who...)