Free heat for vehicle shops

Vehicle repair and service shops looking to save on energy costs and reduce their waste oil and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of combustion engines can turn waste oil heating systems.

"Any facility that generates waste oils on-site has the potential for significant savings with Clean Burn heating systems," says Barry Brandt, president of Clean Burn (, the world's leading manufacturer of waste oil furnaces, waste oil boilers and waste oil recycling centers. "With such systems, shops has the potential for significant annual savings on their fuel bills, depending on the volume of waste oil they generate and the current cost of alternate sources of fuel.

"Clean Burn heating systems allow business owners to pocket the annual savings that they had previously spent on fuel and also allow their businesses to recycle waste oil on-site to generate heat.

"This is an environmentally-friendly process that is a 'win-win' for every user. In addition, it reduces a business's cradle-to-grave liability related to the transportation and disposal of waste motor oils."

Clean Burn's waste oil furnaces can be utilized as unit heaters or can be ducted as central furnaces.

One of the company's best-selling products for vehicle shops is the Recycling Center," Brandt notes. "This self-contained, on-site recycling and heating system allows businesses to store and burn waste oil conveniently and efficiently. The Recycling Center works in tandem with Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and has a UL-listed 215 gallon storage tank that supplies oil to the furnace."