Mobile Distributor of the Year: recognize leadership in business, family and community

Anyone in business for themselves has a unique opportunity: to determine their future based on their own initiative. He or she also has a unique set of responsibilities.

When you’re out there on the truck, no one will get the job done but you. There may be other people you rely on, such as your friends, family, suppliers and possibly employees. But these other people perform based on your choosing them and the directions you give them.

While this is true of many businesses, mobile tool sales places more demands on the owner than most other entrepreneurial opportunities. Few businesses require such a wide assortment of skills to succeed.

And no other business is more of a relationship business. The relationships you build and sustain with customers determine their willingness to buy from you versus someone else, time and again.

This is why the Professional Distributor Mobile Distributor of the Year (MDOY) is such an important award in the mobile tool distribution industry. The award, now in its third year, recognizes the individual that not only excels in business, but as an individual. Our staff realized that the individual who goes above and beyond what is expected of him or her with the people around them demonstrates the traits that make a successful distributor.

Whether you consider yourself worthy of this honor, it is important to take the time to recognize someone who is. By recognizing the importance of this award, you subconsciously dedicate yourself to some day being worthy of it.

Nominations must be submitted by Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013. You can find the full set of rules and a link to the nomination form at

Anyone – a distributor, a district manager, a supplier or a customer – can submit a nomination. Distributors can even nominate themselves for the recognition.

The staff of Professional Distributor judges the nominations and decides the winner based on the information submitted, including nominee comments.

The winner will be featured in a 2014 issue of Professional Distributor. The winner will receive a plaque of the magazine cover in addition to a special trophy.

Mobile distribution is a unique business, and everyone in the business should recognize its uniqueness. The Mobile Distributor of the Year is an annual event to recognize the person who best demonstrates the qualities of both business and personal success.