Tech Tip: An overview of different lift types

Details on different types of lifts, including four-post, two-post, scissor lifts, alignment lifts, portable lifts, in-ground lifts and more.

In-ground auto lifts are generally more expensive than other lifts, and there is also the cost of the installation which has to be taken into consideration.

Alignment Auto Lifts

The alignment automotive lift has runways which the vehicle is driven onto. It is a special type of lift because it comes with extra features that make it easier to perform alignment services on cars and trucks. Special turn-and-slip plates are built into the runways to allow the wheels to easily turn without resistance. This type of lift is also called a "wheel engaging lift".

Mobile Column Auto Lifts

Mobile column lifts are wheel engaging lifts. The user wheels the column in place by a wheel (for every wheel of the vehicle) and they lift your car simultaneously for an even lift. Each column is a completely separate unit and when put in place at each wheel work together to lift the vehicle. These generally heavy duty lifts are not a typical homeowner's choice.

Parking Lifts

Public or private parking benefit from parking lifts. The idea being that a single parking space – given enough room vertically - can be occupied by two cars. These lifts are smaller than four-post lifts as they generally use one or two posts and have a lifting platform under the car that prevents fluids from leaking onto a vehicle parked underneath it; therefore, these lifts cannot be used to repair a car from underneath.

Information provided by: Dannmar Equipment


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