Tech Tip: Look for the gold label

State and local building codes across the U.S. require that all installed vehicle lifts be certified to meet ANSI-ALI ALCTV (current edition) safety standards. Note that the requirement applies to installed lifts. This means that while it is okay to sell lifts that are not certified, in many jurisdictions it is not legal to install non-certified lifts in a shop.

The ANSI standard provides:

  • General requirements for vehicle lift component strength.
  • General requirements covering drive components, electrical components, control devices and speeds.
  • Specific requirements for a wide variety of elements, including welding, runways, adapters, swing arms, travel limits, load-holding devices, and accessory equipment.
  • Quality assurance systems and procedures, testing and validation.
  • Requirements governing lift instructions and labeling.

Responsible lift manufacturers contract with an independent nationally recognized testing laboratory like Intertek Testing Services (ETL) to test their vehicle lifts in accordance with the standard. Only lifts that pass these tests receive the gold "ALI Certified/Validated by ETL" label.

So when in the market for a new lift, look for the gold label. It's a shop's only evidence that the lift being considered has been third-party tested and proven to meet industry safety and performance standards.

Information provided by: Forward Lift