Tech Tip: Increase your lift's versatility with adjustable frame-contact adapters

It can be tricky to properly lift some trucks and other body-on-frame vehicles on standard two-post lifts. Often, the manufacturer-recommended lifting points on the frame are located within the boundaries of the body panels, necessitating the use of extended height adapters. To securely hold the frame in place, an adapter with a cradle design or upturned corners should always be used.

For maximum versatility, Forward Lift offers a screw-style adjustable frame-contact adapter. The adapter has an adjustment range of 1.25" and can be paired with any of the stackable height extensions provided with the Forward Lift DP10A, DP10S and I10 two-post lifts. Perched atop the adjustment screw is a cradle pad.

The adapter provides fine adjustment capabilities to better reach lifting points on a variety of vehicles. Each arm can be set at a varying height, creating a perfect fit for any vehicle being serviced, even if the lift sits on an uneven floor. With the adapter, technicians can be sure they have solid contact at every lifting point before attempting to raise the vehicle.

Information provided by: Forward Lift