Tool Review: Ingersoll Rand W5130 3/8" Cordless Impact

Lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, Lou Fort tested out the Ingersoll Rand W5130 3/8” Cordless Impact.

“Having the W5130 has been a major time-saver,” says Fort. “I have been using cordless bit drivers, I own and use two extensively every day, but never thought the 3/8” or 1/2” drive impacts would be worth the money. Boy, was I ever wrong.”

Fort read the instruction manual before using the tool, where he found information on the storage capabilities.

“The case lid can be easily removed, letting you put the bottom half of the case inside a drawer for some nice, clean and organized storage.”

He also found information on proper maintenance for the impact tool.

“I found instructions on how to properly lubricate the impact mechanism, including which lubricant to place where. There are two different lubes recommended,” he says. “I wouldn’t have known that without the manual.”

Fort has a list of features he likes about this tool, including the light weight, the well-balanced variable speed trigger, soft grip and an easy forward/reverse switch.

He went into detail on the postives of the battery and charging system as well, including being able to monitor “how much juice is in the battery with just a push of a button, or how fast the battery charges.”

Fort also mentions, “I like that the battery charger not only shows you the status of the battery being charged, with the use of four lights; it also makes a tone when you both insert and remove a battery from it.”

One improvement Fort suggests is the placement of the LED for illuminating his work area. Although he finds it useful, he thinks the lighting could be adjusted for even better illumination.

“Having just the one light did seem to, at times, cast too much of a shadow, obstructing my view rather than enhancing it.”

Fort found multiple uses for the tool, including brake work, bench work, forcing screws off pullers and installers and “pulling the seats and dash from a Ford truck.” He also took the tool home for the weekend and was able to service his lawn mower and complete work on his outdoor fence.

“I did try out a few different 3/8” cordless impacts quite a few years back, along with some cordless ratchets. My experience with (cordless tools) back then had pretty well put me off to them — Unlike the bit drivers I have been using for years now,” says Fort. “Even after some of the other guys in our shop have been getting, and loving, their cordless ratchets, I still didn’t think the cordless impacts could or would hold their own. Again, I was wrong.”

Overall, Fort really likes this tool, giving it top honors with 10 out of 10.

“I am giving the W5130 3/8” Cordless Impact from Ingersoll Rand a solid 10. This tool is solid, fast, handy as all get out, and I just plain don’t even want to think about having to work without it ever again.”