Tech Tip: "Lifting It Right" steps for raising a vehicle for service

Proper lifting technique involves much more than just spotting the vehicle in the bay, kicking the lift arms under the body and pressing the "raise" button.

Once the vehicle is in place, raise the lift until its adapters make contact with the manufacturer-recommended pickup points. If the adapters are positioned correctly, with solid contact at each point, raise the vehicle 1' off the ground and moderately shake it by pushing on the front or rear bumper. Visually check the adapters again; if they have moved or appear unstable, lower the vehicle and restart the process.

As you bring the vehicle up to a working height, do not override the lift's locks or safety features. Lower the load onto the locks or holding devices at your desired level and visually check the adapters once more before going under the vehicle.

The Automotive Lift Institute's (ALI) Lifting It Right manual contains more insight about safe lifting practices. The manual and companion DVD, hosted by Richard and Kyle Petty, are available from ALI member companies and through the online ALI store at

Information provided by: Automotive Lift Institute (ALI)