Tech Tip: In-shop lift maintenance keeps equipment functioning properly

Technicians should make a habit of checking their vehicle lifts daily prior to using them. Unsure of what to look for? Here are some guidelines from the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI):

Two-post and inground lift telescoping arms

  • Check over-travel stops for wear.
  • Examine arms for stress cracks, weld breaks or permanent bending.
  • Check swivel points and lubricate if needed.

Two-post and four-post lift chains and cables

  • Check chains and/or cables for stretch or wear; have the system serviced if excessive slack or wear is present.
  • Inspect end connections for corrosion and deformation.
  • Remove any salt, sand, water, dirt or debris from chain system.

Hydraulic systems

  • Maintain hydraulic fluid level per lift manufacturer's requirements.
  • Make sure the return lines to the reservoir are tightly connected.
  • Check seals, packing and wipers for blow-by or oil leaks.
  • Inspect plungers for nicks, dings and dents.

Information provided by: Automotive Lift Institute (ALI)