Tech Tip: Check tire pressure before using wheel-engaging lifts

Unlike a drive-on lift, the wheel-engaging moveable lift (MWE), or a lift that raises vehicles by its tires, engages tires with two forks. If the tire is not properly inflated, the geometry changes and the tire could potentially slip through the forks, causing devastating consequences.

Lift manufacturers, such as MAHA USA, include a very visable warning decal on each mobile column stating that technicians need to take extra precautions when using these lifts. MAHA USA's warning states: "Before lifting the operator needs to ensure that all tires are inflated to the applicable tire manufacturer's specifications for the respective tire model."

Often, service techs under time constraints proceed with operating MWEs without checking each tire's pressure. This is a life-threatening gamble that no one should take.

The minutes saved by not checking tire pressure could even cost someone their life.

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Information provided by: MAHA USA LLC