Tech Tip: Benefits to having ball-screw technology on lifting devices

MAHA USA provides 10 benefits the company's ball-screw technology compared to other technologies, such as hydraulic cylinders.

  1. No energy loss caused by friction or heat. The ball-screw allows MAHA USA's mobile lifts to operate at over 90 percent efficiency.
  2. The ball-screw has absolutely no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks.
  3. 20+ years service life.
  4. The ball-screw's splash-proof and dirt-repellant design promises minimal mechanical wear and less maintenance.
  5. The viscosity of hydraulic fluid found in hydraulic powered lifts can be affected by low temperatures. The ball-screw is not influenced by such factors, guaranteeing smooth operation in any temperature, according to the company.
  6. Ball-screw allows an unvarying column height; no rising hydraulic cylinder, thus reducing risk of vehicle damage.
  7. The ball-screw assembly is driven by a top motor coupled to a worm gear box with industrial-strength brakes. These brakes remain engaged while the lift is not in operation. Therefore, setting mechanical locks is not required.
  8. The ball-screw system lifts and supports. The wedge lock is a redundant safety feature that stays in like-new condition throughout the life of the lift, unlike mechanical locks that wear over time.
  9. The ball-screw reduces the column weight by 20 to 25 percent when compared to hydraulic units, according to the company.
  10. Ball-screw operates using minimal power, reducing electricity costs.

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Information provided by: MAHA USA