Tech Tip: How to use hydraulic jacks safely

Exercising safety is essential while using any lift equipment. There are certain specific precautions that must be done while any service is performed. 

There are many different types of jacks that all serve a specific lifting purpose. It is essential to use the right jack for the right lifting application. Being knowledgeable about what you are lifting lets you know the weight of what you are lifting, and the safest point to lift from on the vehicle. 

Always be sure to use a jack with the appropriate rated capacity to safely lift your vehicle from its designated lift point. Before placing your jack in position inspect the jack, by checking for any leaks in the hydraulic system and any general damage. You should always refer to the manufacturer's label for any specific safety information.

Once you ensure the jack is in good condition position place the jack under the recommended lift point and once lifted high enough for a suitable work area, position the jack stands underneath the vehicle. Make sure they are positioned at a point that can support the weight of the vehicle. It is essential that two jack stands are used and do not show any signs of damage. Once the jack stands are placed in position underneath the vehicle lower the jack to rest the vehicle solely on the stands, and roll the jack out from underneath. 

Once the work is done, lift the vehicle from the same point and remove the jack stands carefully. Once underneath the vehicle is clear slowly lower the vehicle until all four tires are safely on the ground.

Information provided by: SFA Companies