Tool Briefing: Tackle TPMS Trouble

TPMS sensors complicate what was once an easy tire service.

The TSB then requests that the technician reflash the RCDLR. If this does not work, replace the RCDLR module and reflash it. Not so coincidently, the RCDLR also works as the receiver for the vehicle’s remote.

As of July, 2013, all GM reflashing and diagnostics, including the service programming system and GDS2, can be done with a J2534 compliant interface. On this vehicle, using a Drew Tech Mongoose GM II as seen in Fig. 8, the RCDLR was reflashed.

Using the Tech2 software, which is accessible with the Tech2WIN application that can be downloaded from ACDelco’s service website, the remotes were relearned to the vehicle.

With the right TPMS diangnostic and OEM software, this vehicle was diagnosed and repaired.

Tires are not so simple anymore. Reflashing, TPMS tools and even proper tire maintenance all play a role these days.

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