Help for out-of-juice EVs

AAA Automotive (, the nation's most comprehensive service provider, offers electric vehicle (EV) charging as a roadside assistance in several markets: Portland, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles and Seattle/Bellevue, WA.

Each market has an equipped road service truck that can assist members whose EVs have run out of "fuel," as well as provide traditional roadside services like unlock services, tire changes and minor repairs.

Rather than towing the EV to a charging facility, the trucks use a DC Quick Charger to provide a Level 3 (also known as fast charging) charge at the roadside. On average, a 15-minute Level 3 charge will allow an EV to go about 10 miles.

AAA Washington's EV service truck is the first in the nation to have the EV charging generator powered by the truck's power takeoff. AAA's other mobile charging trucks create charging power through an onboard generator that is powered by gasoline or alternative fuels.

AAA plans to expand its mobile emergency charging for EVs service in additional markets in the future.