Notable TMC milestones

Today's Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) got its start in 1956 when the Regular Common Carrier Conference (RCCC) of the ATA decided to create a standing committee dedicated to the improvement of equipment and its maintenance.

1970 - RCCC Maintenance Committee spearheads development of the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) - a single, concise method to manage fleet assets and analyze maintenance operations and costs.

1975 - First RCCC Recommended Maintenance Practices Manual published.

1979 - RCCC Maintenance Committee transformed into full technical council of ATA, entitled, The Maintenance Council (TMC).

1984 - TMC holds first Transportation Equipment Exhibition.

1988 - Publishes, with SAE, Fuel Consumption In-Service Test Procedure Type III - a standard test procedure for comparing the fuel economy of components or systems of the type which can be switched from one vehicle to another in a short period of time.

1990 - Develops, with SAE, J1587/1708 standard, allowing for adoption of uniform electronic data protocol and physical connection points.

1995 - Holds industry-wide forum in Washington, DC, to address ABS rulemaking. Through TMC input, NHTSA amends rulemaking and allows the industry to develop technical solutions for ABS signal communication from trailer to tractor.

2001 -  Enhances charter to address onboard and off-board technology. Absorbs activities of former ATA Information Technology & Logistics Council and becomes Technology & Maintenance Council.

2004 - Establishes Professional Technician Development Committee (PTDC), a group that works to promote professionalism of commercial vehicle technicians.

2005 - Holds first National Technicians Skills Competition, TMCSuperTech.