Extra meeting activities

Other activities taking place during the 2013 TMC Fall Meeting include:

  • TMCSuperTech2013. This is TMC's ninth annual National Technician Skills Competition - North America's premier skills competition for professional commercial vehicle technicians where they compete for top honors and valuable prizes.
  • Professional Technician Development Committee (PTDC) Technician Training Fair. A series of training sessions developed to help commercial vehicle technicians, shop supervisors and fleet managers stay current on the latest technologies and techniques related to vehicle service and maintenance.
  • TMC Task Forces. These TMC Study Group subcommittees will be meeting to continue work on developing a variety of "Recommended Practices," information reports and position papers to benefit the trucking industry.
  • Town Meeting. TMC officials will report on the latest happenings within the organization.
  • Fleet Operators' Forum. Here, fleet attendees bring up equipment problems that they have been unable to resolve successfully with their product manufacturer or supplier.
  • Fleet Talk. A lively dialogue on what works, or doesn't work, in vehicle maintenance.
  • Shop Talk. Topics that come out of the Fleet Talk session are openly discussed at this meeting.
  • New Technology Presentations. TMC member manufacturers and service supplier companies discuss innovative features or applications of new products technologies for components, tools or services used in the commercial transportation industry.

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