Close Enough Doesn't Cut It

TMC’s Fall Meeting is themed Precision Maintenance.

In this session, attendees will learn in detail about the relationship between distracted driving and crash causation, and what a fleet can do to mitigate the problem. Panelists will include fleet and government representatives, as well as researchers from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

CVSA Out of Service Suspension Inspection Criteria.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance out-of-service conditions for suspensions is what this session devoted to. Attendees will also learn what inspectors have seen during roadside inspections related to the newer suspension designs.

Trailer Stability Control: Minimize the Rock N’ Roll.

This session will demonstrate how vehicle stability systems work with other vehicle systems to detect and intervene to prevent crashes related to rollover and loss of control. Also discussed will be new technologies for trailers that can increase stability.

My Fleet Average MPG: Where Does It Come From?

During this session, fleet representatives and manufacturers will discuss the benefits of understanding asset duty cycles and how compiling operational conditions information and energy use data can aid fleets in developing best practices for fuel economy management.

Emissions Tampering: What Your Fleet Needs to Know.

The purpose of this session is to emphasize the illegality of emissions tampering and the consequences associated with it. Emissions specialists from the EPA and the major engine manufacturers will also provide examples of emissions tampering and show how fleets and service providers can detect tampering during routine maintenance and repair procedures.

General Guidelines for Security Risk Analysis of Electronic Driver Log Systems.

This session will discuss potential security risks associated with electronic driver log systems and the security controls that can address these vulnerabilities.

Should You Be Spec’ing Gas or Diesel for Your Light and Medium Truck Fleet?

Attendees of this session will learn the advantages and disadvantages of spec'ing gasoline and diesel engines in Class 2 through 6 vehicles. A panel of fleets and manufacturers will shed light on this ongoing debate for current models, as well as for models to come in the next several years.

Complete details on the fall meeting, plus registration information, can be found at or by calling TMC at (703) 838-1763.


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