Tool Review: Reelcraft DP7850 OLP reel

Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Trucks in Columbus, OH, installed the Reelcraft DP7850 OLP reel in his shop to test out. Moore and his techs found the reel had a simple design and was very easy to use.

Moore advised the DP7850 reel came in handy and made jobs more efficient.

“In our shop, where every vehicle sees some sort of air tool usage, the Reelcraft DP7850 OLP was used on every single job that came through the bay where it was mounted,” he explains.

Overall, Moore advises that the reel was “very useful” in his shop, “being that the technician no longer needed to wrap up the air line when they were done, or needed to move a jack or vehicle.”

Moore says that in order to use the reel, “simply pull out the desired length of line until it clicks, then pull again to retract.”

Although the reel did not come with a manual, Moore says installation was easy. “There were simple picture instructions for mounting and use on the packaging.”

Moore and his techs had one suggestion to improve the tool. “Our technicians all agreed that the tool functions excellently, but could use just a bit more recoil tension if only partially spooled out,” says Moore. “I believe that they (techs) may have been wanting to leave air tools attached to the line so they could retract the line and the tool out of the way, until needed again.”

Overall, Moore says he and his techs give the reel an average 9 to 9.5 out of 10.

“This product is excellent in a busy shop environment; it promotes a neat work space and prevents tripping hazards by keeping the line off the ground.”


Product Description:

The Reelcraft Industries DP7850 OLP reel has a dual pedestal base design that offers stability while being compact. The reel also successfully passed independent testing to mil-spec standards, proving it can stand up to heavy vibration. The reel benefits from being the only two-piece, non-welded, interlocking base in its class, according to the company. It will not vibrate apart for use on vehicle-mounted applications. The patent-pending, interlocking steel-formed and stamped base design makes the base assembly especially strong, compact and resistant to vibration.