Tool Review: SP Tools Ball Joint Replacement Tool Set

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, received the SP Tools 68600A Ball Joint Replacement Tool Set to test out.

“This kit is a huge time-saver over conventional ball joint c-clamp service sets. You can easily drive out the old and install a new joint in under five minutes with this kit,” he says.

Fort says all he needs is an air hammer. The kit provides everything else needed. “When used on a Honda or Acura, everything you need, except the air hammer, is right at your finger tips in this kit.”

Fort explains the simple setup for using the tool: “Set up involved installing the joint remover into an ‘air hammer,’ driving out the old joint, then switching from the remover to the installer bit with the appropriate-sized installation cup and driving the new joint into place.”

With regard to which features Fort likes, he responds, “is ‘simplicity’ a feature?”

He went on to explain: “A large amount of the work I do is suspension-related, so trying to change worn-out parts without the right tool can not only be dangerous and frustrating, but costly as well.

“Having all the needed adapters right there is nice. The ‘ball’ end of the installer driver allows for more wiggle room during the installation. The retainers in the installation cups go a long way in making this kit as close to a one-handed operation as it may ever be.”

Fort also advises that while the kit lists “Honda/Acura ball joint service,” he found additional uses for the kit.

“Besides changing ball joints on Hondas, I also found it worked quite well on the Ford Taurus. I did use an adapter from my Taurus ball joint adapter kit with the SP Tool’s driver though,” says Fort. “The removal adapter also makes a real nice large pin driver.”

Fort also comments that the packaging was simple and efficient.

“The kit comes in a well-designed, small plastic case that doesn’t waste a lot of valuable real estate in one’s toolbox.”

His only suggestion for improvement is to include more sizes of installation cups.

Overall, Fort gives the tool a top grade. “The SP Tools 68600A deserves a 10; it is a simple yet well made handy little tool kit that I expect to get years of service from.”


Product Description:

The SP Tools 68600A Air Hammer Ball Joint R&R Tool saves time by utilizing an air hammer to remove and replace ball joints. Save about an hour of labor time on many Honda/Acura models, as well as other vehicle makes. The tool has two main parts that attach to the air hammer: a remover and installer. The remover easily fits over the lower end of the ball joint to drive the old ball joint out of the steering knuckle. The installer has been designed to fit around the upper portion of the steering knuckle enabling a straight push for the new ball joint. The installer couples with one of three different sizes of installer heads that drive in the new ball joint without damage.