Tech Tip: Safety tips to consider when servicing electronic brake systems

The modern electronic brake systems found on today's modern vehicles are systems that can be difficult to deal with compared to older vehicle models which consist of simple mechanical components. Most European, newer domestic and Japanese vehicles utilize these electrical components in their brake systems today. These brakes are often an added convenience towards consumers with luxury options. However, these systems can be very dangerous and costly to repair if you don't understand the basic operation of the electrical brake systems.

Before you start to service any electronic brake system, always look in the OEM service manual to understand how they work. Many times when you service the electronic brakes, you have to put the vehicle's brakes into service mode and that calls for a brake service tool. With this service tool, you will access the vehicle's brake system computer so you can put it in service mode or deactivate the electronic brakes altogether. Once that is done, you can get the job done right without any safety issues. After the brake service has been completed, you have to bring the electronic brakes back to its normal state or out of service mode. Then test drive the vehicle to confirm your repair or service.

Information provided by: Autel