Tech Tip: Tools to use for diagnosing GM vehicles

General Motors is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world and sells an enormous amount of vehicles in North America. If your shop works on a wide variety of vehicles, it is a good possibility that you see your fair share of GM vehicles come through the shop door. If you have ever considered purchasing a Tech2 to perform electronic module repairs, you would be getting the right tool for the job. However, there is also another low cost solution.

GM is moving to a PC-based version of the Tech2 called Tech2Win which is available now. GM dealerships are using this software in conjunction with the MDI communications interface. The same capability can be had by using Drew Technologies MongoosePro GM II communications interface at a fraction of the MDI's price.

The MongoosePro GM II is a low-cost alternative to purchasing the MDI and has the same capabilities. The MongoosePro GM II uses the same service software available from, and allows you to perform Tech2 diagnostics with Tech2Win as well as reflash all GM electronic modules with short term or long term subscriptions.

If you are interested in becoming vested in GM OEM tooling, the MongoosePro GM II is a OEM level tool that uses the OEM software for a great price. 

Information provided by: Drew Technologies