Tech Tip: Useful tools for diagnosing Toyotas

OEM diagnostic tools are typically expensive, have a steep learning curve and require specialized equipment. Modern vehicle repairs are becoming more dependent on OEM tools to service even common issues. This can put many aftermarket repair shops in a tight spot when it comes to servicing modern vehicles correctly.

How does a aftermarket repair shop go about servicing these vehicles? Do you send vehicles to the dealer? Do you hope an aftermarket scanner has the specific function you require to fix the problem? Do you go ahead and pay the large cost of the OEM service tool?

Luckily if your shop works on Toyota vehicles regularly and needs the Toyota OEM tool, a solution is available. Toyota offers short-term ($55 for 2 days) and long-term ($1,095 a year) subscriptions to their service information, full OEM diagnostics, module reflashing and security access (NASTF SDRM credentials required).

In conjunction with the Drew Technologies MongoosePro Toyota tool, and this service subscription, you have very affordable access to OEM tooling for Toyota vehicles.

Visit Toyota's service webpage ( and Drew Technologies webpage ( for more information. 

Information provided by: Drew Technologies