Tech Tip: Help with ECU reflashing and manufacturer service websites

Automotive technicians around the country are turning to J2534 tools, along with manufacturer service subscriptions, to correctly service modern vehicles. Short term access to OEM diagnostics, module reflashing, and being able to perform complex vehicle computer repairs in house are great benefits to owning J2534 tools, but using these tools can be difficult. Issues such as finding out how to get to manufacturers websites, setting up their software and using the software effectively sit at the top of the list of calls taken by J2534 technical support staff.

To help technicians get started with manufacturer service software and websites, Drew Technologies created the J2534 Toolbox program. This computer program helps automotive technicians get over the initial learning curve that comes with using manufacturer service websites. Videos, walkthroughs, website links and J2534 specific forums are resources available to automotive technicians in the J2534 Toolbox.

Information provided by: Drew Technologies