Tech Tip: Get a 'one-stop-shop' diagnostic tool for all vehicle needs

Time is money, especially in the automotive industry. The faster and more efficient technicians are able to work, the more customers they’re going to serve, ultimately increasing profits. With all of this in mind, having the right tools for the job is extremely important, especially when it comes to diagnostics. CRP123, the latest diagnostic tool available through Matco distributors, allows technicians to use one tool for multiple diagnostic needs.

Choosing the right diagnostic tool can be tricky, especially when working with different makes and models of vehicles.  Technicians need one diagnostic tool that allows them to operate on all vehicles. The CRP123 can be used on all makes and models, including European vehicles, which increases productivity and efficiency.

The CRP123 is designed for technicians to diagnose engine, transmission, ABS and airbag (SRS) systems and view enhanced data. Not only does it diagnose all vehicle makes and models, but it also features an intuitive interface and supports the latest OBDII test modes 1-10. CRP123 can also graph, record and play back crucial data to more efficiently diagnose drivability issues.

Information provided by: Matco Tools